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Center for
Trade and Tolerance

Peace and tolerance is in the interests of business and society alike. And yet, conflict, hate and violence are on the rise.

Trade Impact Foundation's Center for Trade and Tolerance publishes research with the following aims:

  • To promote the role of international business and trade in facilitating tolerant and peaceful societies.

  • ​To provide actionable guidance and tools for business leaders who seek to strengthen peace worldwide and support an environment of tolerance.

Supporting the Universal
Right to Peace 

We continue to see international business take on more responsibility to support human rights. This trend is in response to the increasing expectations of consumers, employees, shareholders, public actors and corporate leaders.

As we continue to see corporate action in support of a range of human rights, our Center for Trade and Tolerance publishes research to educate and engage with corporate decision-makers hoping to support more vibrant and tolerant societies.

​The aim of this section is to learn more about the role of business in society and to shed light on the potential for business and trade to positively impact our global order.

Featured Work

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