Our work is closely driven by our values.  We embrace a culture that is stubbornly inclusive and fiercely tolerant.  Above all, we value Community, Learning and Respect.

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President & CEO

Sara is an international trade attorney, with years of experience as an international trade consultant advising top US and foreign multinational corporations on international trade rules and regulations, strategic planning, compliance and risk assessment, and controversy.   Sara is also the host of Unlocking Impact, a podcast produced by Trade Impact LLC.


As a global trade consultant, Sara managed cross-functional and international teams on the facilitation of trade related to Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and across the Americas.


She is on the board of the Organization for Women in International Trade (OWIT) NY Chapter, has co-authored articles on trade remedies, trade policy, OECD BEPS impact on customs valuation, and free trade agreements, and more, and is an experienced speaker on topics of international trade law, operations and policy.

Driven by our Values.



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