The Trade Impact.

We are all connected through the global marketplace.


Did you know?

Your choices actively impact human rights.


Our Vision.

A transparent global marketplace, where the human rights impact is known at the time of purchase.

Our Mission.

To educate consumers and business in promotion of an impactful marketplace.

Our Research.

We are conducting multi-disciplinary research at the highest levels, combining a deep passion for human rights and practical business knowledge. 

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Driven by our Values.


Our work is closely driven by our values.  We embrace a culture that is stubbornly inclusive and fiercely tolerant.  Above all, we value Community, Learning and Respect.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The Trade Impact Foundation strives to foster a diverse and inclusive community, culture, and environment.  This goal is deeply embedded in the Foundation and our core values:


COMMUNITY - We are one global community and must work together, embracing our diversity and communal knowledge, to drive the progress of which we dream.  


LEARNING - Humility and collaboration are key to our work, as we approach each issue anew and with the understanding that we have much to learn - especially from each other.

RESPECT - Respect of self, others and human rights worldwide. We believe in the power of the individual to create a better world, and encourage a forum that is fiercely inclusive and tolerant of diverse people, experiences and viewpoints.  


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