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Trade Impact Foundation

Working toward a more sustainable and impactful marketplace.

What is "The Trade Impact"?

The positive and negative impact of international business + trade on

global human rights.


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Trade Impact Academy

Inspire your team with our sustainability education workshops

  • Check out Trade Impact Academy workshops, where teams can learn actionable methodologies rooted in our philosophy and research.

  • Tackle global challenges, promote a collaborative and inclusive culture, and gain actionable tools to help navigate complex issues.


  • Support leaders and teams to drive positive impact in the marketplace through interactive learnings across sustainability, fair trade, business impact and human rights.

Learn more about Trade Impact Academy.


Ongoing Projects

Core Research: Spotlight on our People and Planet Impact

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​The everyday decisions we make as consumers, professionals and investors directly impact People and Planet. Seeing the positive and negative impact behind our choices is the first step in making more informed and ethical decisions in the marketplace. Our vision includes an international business landscape that promotes visible choices and sheds light on the value and costs of our participation in the global marketplace.

Our core publications can be found here.

Peace and tolerance is in the interests of business and society alike. Despite this, conflict and violence is rampant around the world. Our Center for Trade and Tolerance explores the role of international business and trade in facilitating international cooperation and peace-keeping.

Learn more here.

Center for Trade and Tolerance

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Podcast: Unlocking Impact

In the Unlocking Impact podcast, Sara Schoenfeld, founder of Trade Impact Foundation, explores how the global economy intersects with human rights and sustainability. Episode topics include sustainable fashion, carbon neutrality, forced labor, and more, and include insightful conversations with a variety of experts. 


You can find the first season here.


Trade Impact Foundation

Promoting a more impactful global marketplace, through interdisciplinary research and education at the intersection of human rights and the global economy. 



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