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Trade Impact:

The Power of Business Decisions 

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Seeing the positive and negative impact behind our business decisions is the first step in creating an international business landscape that supports global human rights.


Our research supports business decision-makers to improve their company's human rights footprint and accelerate a more informed and ethical marketplace.

Our core publications can be found here.


Center for Trade and Tolerance

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Global peace and tolerance is in the interests of business and society alike. Despite this, conflict, violence and hate are on the rise. Our Center for Trade and Tolerance explores the role of international business and trade in facilitating international cooperation, tolerance and peace-keeping.

Learn more here.


Trade Impact Academy

Inspire your team with our  interactive learnings across sustainability, fair trade, business impact and human rights.

  • Inspire future business leaders

  • Learn actionable methodologies to drive positive impact


  • Promote a collaborative and inclusive culture

Learn more about Trade Impact Academy.


Our Podcast: Unlocking Impact

In the Unlocking Impact podcast, Sara Schoenfeld, founder of Trade Impact Foundation, explores how the global economy intersects with human rights and sustainability. Sara speaks with a variety of experts about topics such as sustainable fashion, carbon neutrality, forced labor, and more. 


Listen to the podcast here.


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Trade Impact Foundation

Promoting a more impactful global marketplace, through interdisciplinary research and education at the intersection of human rights and the global economy. 


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